Jesus brought the people together

Jesus opened people eyes: talk with others, listen to

others, to be there for others.

Jesus said, nobody needs a Messiah to get salvation. When you  watch on yourself and on others, so you will find salvation through  yourself and through the humanity of the others. So we are part of the luck of others, and the others are also  responsible for our luck.  That was all, what Jesus wanted to aim: that the people are  approaching one another, to be there for others and so, together,  humanely with heart to build a better future.  Jesus showed the people, that with strong will and positive energy you can achieve a lot.  Just with this positive energy, life can go on easier for you and  can also bring a faster recovery.  If two persons believe in this positive energy, it is possible to  transfer. In all of us is a Jesus. But not a beyond nature Jesus!!!  Not a Jesus with power to transfer water into wine! Not a Jesus with power to die on a cross for our sins! Not a Jesus with power to bring salvation as Messiah! Not a Jesus with power to heal forever, only with apply a hand,  severe illnes of invalids!  Not a Jesus with power to decide about life or death! Just a totally normal Jesus.  A totally normal Jesus is just in all of us, although still quite  small.  Believe in this, give this Jesus a little bit more space in your  heart, your mind and your soul.  Thank You very much! Lots of Love to You!
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News: Femen activist Cologne

archbishopric church cardinal Germany protest action:

"I was raised catholic. Sometimes I visit the church. Believing /  religion is very important. When I'm going out I wear a crucifix.  To be there for other people, to stand up for the weak is very  important to me, even without religion. It's just inner strength. What as happened on 12.25.2013 has very shaken me. An elderly  man wanted, or has given her a slap. I find this very unchristian -  at least another man has put his jacket over her! Even the charge  against her, is in my eyes not an act of Christian love! It was  Jesus who had forgiven the sinners. It is this radical fundamentalism: My faith is above all, above the  law, above the humanity. This has nothing to do with religion, but with insane obsession! Even Jesus had protested against the greedy patriarchs of the  church and shown to the people that you don't need the church,  no Messiah. Because God is in all of us!  Certainly the situation was for the present believers surprising  and uncomfortable, but she has destroyed nothing, she just  wanted to give a voice to the weak, and that God doesn't  distinguish between the sexes, but we humans do it very well! And if we don't stand up for the weak, how strong we are  actually?" 
"Tips for Jesus" is a nice  idea ... to get followers. But, which followers Jesus  searched for? Jesus wanted people to  come together to help each  other! Not to follow the cold  soulless money!!! 
Normal Jesus “The greatest gift is to have the freedom to believe in whatever You want to believe.”
Confirmed: "Who does good  to others and expects  nothing will be rewarded!"